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Hong Kong Visa

Hong Kong customs

Free import

• 19 Cigarettes or
• 25 cigars or
• 25 grams of tobacco
• 1 litre alcoholic liquor above 30%vol


• Illegal drugs
• Firearms, explosives and ammunition – unless permission has been obtained
• Knives and deadly weapons
• Controlled chemicals
• Pets and animals – unless permission has been obtained
• Plant and plant products
• Meat and poultry
• Rough diamonds
• Counterfeit goods
• Pornographic material


• Any weapons or ammunition being imported into the country will require a special licence for possession issued by the Hong Kong police department.
• Plants, plant products and soil are banned from entering the country unless accompanied by a licence issued by the countries Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation department.
• A import permit issued by the Veterinary Officer of the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department will be required to import any Cats, dogs or other pets into the country. A certificate proving the animal’s health from the traveller’s country of origin will also be required.
• Quarantine not required for any dogs coming directly from the UK. Travellers from other countries are advised to check before attempting to import any pets into the country.